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Hamilton & Lucio, P.C. assists families with probate, trust, and guardianship proceedings.


We assist individuals and fiduciary institutions throughout the entire estate administration probate process. We represent our clients in all uncontested and contested probate litigation matters, whether it is a will or trust contest, adding or removing a trustee or fiduciary, or any challenge regarding one’s estate administration. We provide our clients with personalized guidance through responsive and frequent contact and consultation.


We offer personal counsel and an array of legal solutions to help clients protect their loved ones at a time when they are most vulnerable.


A guardianship allows a client to assume the responsibility for the care of loved ones when they no longer can do so for themselves or perhaps just need a little help here and there. Being a guardian can also involve assuming responsibility for a loved one’s financial decisions and safeguarding the assets entrusted to your care.


Hamilton & Lucio, P.C. can help in all aspects of a guardianship, including:


  • Establishing a guardianship

  • Guardianship administration

  • Defending against a guardianship

  • Contested guardianship


When ailments and diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, palsy, stroke, and dementia strike a loved one, the condition often is not the worst part. The defenselessness of the person makes them susceptible to being preyed upon by the dishonest or to harming themselves by neglect or mistake.  Although these difficult circumstances can produce much stress for the family, Hamilton & Lucio, P.C. can provide alternatives and options to create the least burdensome, yet effective, solution for your loved one’s particular situation.

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